IELTS Reading. True, false, Not given

This is the most difficult part of the reading test. Not only does it require good reading skills, it also requires good paraphrasing and synonym skills. This is dealing with factual information, so words which suggest ‘approximation’ are misleading and are there to trip you up. What do ‘true’ ‘false’ & ‘not given’ actually mean? … Read moreIELTS Reading. True, false, Not given

Formal Academic writing applied to IELTS

This audio tutorial is all about how to apply academic writing to your IELTS essay. Academic writing is communicative i.e transfers ideas in a coherent manner, most likely a fact based argument, and written with your audience in mind. Who is your audience in IELTS? The IELTS EXAMINER! –So make sure your handwriting is legible!!!

Speaking overview and strategies

Speaking parts tips     In this speaking overview podcast the focus is entirely on the Speaking section. We look at the exam criteria and expansively explain each section while sharing valuable tips to boost your score. In this podcast you will learn: – Strategies to improve your confidence (including where to look during the … Read moreSpeaking overview and strategies

Boost your score

Boost your score with some handy tips. Some of them you may already know, but there are several which are not often mentions by teachers or when you are studying. Listen to the podcast first, to try to understand it, then use the transcript to follow.   Boost your score  

How to describe numbers for writing task 1

numbers on a diagram

Numbers are often tricky when it comes to variation. This podcast will show you how to use numbers in a variety of different ways to add to your lexical resource. Listen to the podcast to comprehend and for listening practice, then open the transcript and follow along.

Useful essay phrases (Task 2)

Please open the document which accompanies the podcast. This contains the example phrases, and also guidance on how to implement them correctly.

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