Speaking part 2 & 3. A good law.

This is a combination of part 2 & 3 of the speaking test. The focus of this topic is ‘the law’, so keywords and vocabulary should reference this or the legal system, such as The Police, lawyers, crime, etc…  

Speaking Mock exam

In this podcast, we have follow-up questions on several topics answered by our essay corrector and IELTS person, so that you can hear how a native speaker would respond and pass the exam!

Mastering Mock speaking 2

Many students could perform much better on their speaking tests but anxiety keeps them from performing as best as they can. They often stress over speaking part two even before part one begins! In this tutorial you will learn: – How to organize your talk – Which areas of the card to develop and how … Read more

Recent question speaking part 2.

Speaking part 2. Practice the following speaking part 2 question and refer to the sample answer provided. There is also useful vocabulary and the end the sample answer.   Talk about a course that you would like to take if it was available in your country. Please say Why would you like to learn about … Read more

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