Listening. University conversation

Listen to the conversation between 2 people about studying at the Open University in the UK  Remember to listen to paraphrasing and idioms, and accents. This is a sentence completion exercise.   Answers. 27.  motivation 28. time management 29. modules 30. Summer school.

IELTS Listening. Diagram completion.

For this part of the test you will see a diagram with different elements which need to be labelled. The technique for this part of the practice is to focus on: 1. What the diagram is about (but not for too long). This way you can try to predict possible answers and also at the … Read more

Referencing nouns and pronouns

Pronouns help with overall coherence and cohesion. Having a cohesive and coherent essay is very important for your overall Band score In both writing tasks in IELTS , especially writing task 2. You should always make your writing as easy as possible for the reader to follow and it should be easy to understand. In … Read more

IELTS Reading. Matching headers.

For matching headers, the way to practice is to ‘skim read’ the paragraphs, focusing on the 1st and last sentences of each. This is usually where you can the ‘main idea’ of the paragraph. The main idea is what the paragraph mostly talks about. There will be other things mentioned but look to see how … Read more

IELTS Reading. Diagram label completion.

For the diagram labelling part of the IELTS reading exam, you will see either a technical drawing, something from the natural world such as a plant of animal etc, or it could be something scientific such as a weather cycle, or satellite function. Whatever the diagram is…, do not panic.  Many students think “I don’t … Read more

Writing lesson 1

This lesson is an introduction to the varies aspects of the writing test task 1 and task 2.   Feel free to download the sheet and do the lesson. This lesson has several stages to it and is a good stage by stage progression to show you the various steps to take as you improve … Read more

Mastering Mock speaking 2

Many students could perform much better on their speaking tests but anxiety keeps them from performing as best as they can. They often stress over speaking part two even before part one begins! In this tutorial you will learn: – How to organize your talk – Which areas of the card to develop and how … Read more

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