How to describe numbers for writing task 1

numbers on a diagram

Numbers are often tricky when it comes to variation. This podcast will show you how to use numbers in a variety of different ways to add to your lexical resource. Listen to the podcast to comprehend and for listening practice, then open the transcript and follow along.

How to describe a diagram for writing Task 1

Water cycle

This podcast describes how to write a task 1 essay for different types of diagram.  Listen to the podcast first to see if you can follow it. If you miss some of the words, then open the transcript and follow along. There are 8 steps for you to follow along with. Practice the process here, … Read more

Useful essay phrases (Task 2)

Please open the document which accompanies the podcast. This contains the example phrases, and also guidance on how to implement them correctly.

Improving your sentence structure

sentence structures

The transcript and an exercise will help you to follow the podcast more easily, but you should try to listen the first time, for listening practice. Making complex sentences is an important part of task 2, not only for the grammar aspect, but also for the cohesion and coherence. Making less simple sentences is recommended … Read more