Improving your sentence structure

sentence structures

The transcript and an exercise will help you to follow the podcast more easily, but you should try to listen the first time, for listening practice. Making complex sentences is an important part of task 2, not only for the grammar aspect, but also for the cohesion and coherence. Making less simple sentences is recommended … Read more

IELTS Reading. Sentence completion.

Follow the instructions ans answer the questions by: Reading the instructions to ensure you insert the correct number of words or numbers. Not changing the words from the text if the instruction is ‘from the text’ or ‘using words from the text’. Changing the words if no instruction has been given not to change them. … Read more

Tips and Tricks for the listening

1. Better your comprehension of native speakers – classroom English is very different from the real world! 2. Learn some additional point-scoring vocabulary! 3. Listen to how a monkey-mind could cost you dearly! 4. How to write and listen SIMULTANEOUSLY – a vital skill! 5. How to predict answers in the listening exam! 6. Hear … Read more

Introduction to IELTS listening.

Introduction to IELTS listening

Introduction to IELTS listening.This episode is good to listen to for. The things you will encounter in the listening exam. Listening about the UK.

Listening. About the UK.

Listening. Life in The UK

Listening about life in The UK. Listen to the talk, which is to a group which is going to stay in the UK. (The answers are at the bottom of the document. Please listen to the audio 1st).

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