This page is dedicated to the ‘Filipinoisms’  (as I call them) in grammar. As an example, Filipinos use the term “fill up”  instead of ‘fill in or fill out’.

Example. At a hotel once, a desk clerk said to me “Sir, please fill up this check-in form”

The correct use should be “Sir, please fill in/fill out this check-in form” (I do not know why we have 2 words)

Further examples of general grammar issues are provided within.

Please click on the words  or terms on the graphic below to see more information.

Students need to be made aware of these issues, as they are a ‘constant’, which means they are being taught in school.



Click on the grammar words for PDF downloads of the overviews for each term.

present simple countables articles subject verb agreement uncountables vocabulary prepositions will past simple

For more tips please go to ‘Perfect English Grammar’

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