Grammar awareness course

This page is an overview of the reason for, and above all, the introduction to, the Grammar Awareness Course.

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Firstly, grammar issues are one of the main reasons for lower band scores among students taking the IELTS test, and, as a result, has led us to create our Grammar Awareness course.

In addition, although English is taught as part of the curriculum in many schools and education centres around the country, the most significant aspects of it, especially grammar, are not being taught.

The ‘it is sufficient’ attitude towards English,  has fostered a level of English which is not as high as it should be for an ‘English speaking country’

Using outdated terms such as ‘thrice’ to indicate 3 times, and ‘avail’ to get or qualify for something,  are 2 examples which I frequently come across during my teaching.

Others include:  married ‘with'(to) fill ‘up’ (in) interested ‘to'(in), as well as nouns – equipments, trainings, furnitures, and more. Secondly, things are covered in the course and students also get a chance to practice what they learn.

IELTS band scores.

Secondly, to get to a good band score level in IELTS, ones grammar level must be above the ‘normal’ levels needed for everyday use in The Philippines.

This course underlines the fundamentals, as well as focusing on ‘specific’ types of grammar related to the exam.

For speaking, which is the most grammar intensive aspect, purely on the basis of it being ‘instant’. People hear your grammar, good or bad, instantly, and although it can be corrected, subsequently it highlights mistakes more than other aspects of the the language.


Writing, for example can be thought out, and corrected long before it reaches the reader. Therefore, more time can be spent ensuring written work is correct.

Grammar, Reading and Listening skills are also needed, in other words, it is based more on an understanding of the language than the production of the language.

Grammar awareness is essential to good English, and this course is your 1st step.

Take our evaluation test to assess your grammar level.

After you have finished you can head over to Grammar Awareness Course to take our grammar awareness course.

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