Word formation

Word Formation. This topic crosses both vocabulary and grammar, but we are going to cover it in the grammar section. Word formation is a critical topic to study for IELTS. One of the main features of the exam is the use of paraphrasing and synonyms. In IELTS the same work in a different form is … Read more

IELTS Reading. Short Answer questions

Short answer questions are the most common way of testing student’s comprehension in the academic world, therefore most students will be familiar with these types of exercises. The biggest issues with this type of question are: paraphrasing ability, and synonym recognition. The questions will never match the test, so students who spend time looking for … Read more

10 ways to prepare for your IELTS exam

10 free ways to prepare for your IELTS exam Preparing for the IELTS doesn’t have to cost a fortune. As an IELTS student, you might already be spending a significant amount of money on resources – and you may need to save for the future too. With that in mind, here are 10 ways you … Read more

Recognizing topics in writing part 2

Identify the Topic:  Writing Task 2 – Lesson 1  In the writing for task 2, one of the first things you need to do is identify the topic of the essay. If you write about the wrong topic or go off topic when you write your answer, this is likely to substantially  reduce your band … Read more

Speaking part 2 practice

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topic: Describe a situation that you got a little angry. You should say: where it happened when it happened who you were with and why you felt angry? Tips: When preparing, try to add more things (eg: who you were angry at,  did someone do something to you,  was the situation … Read more

What to expect during the IELTS speaking exam.

What to expect. This Podcast looks at the things test takers will encounter, and what to expect during the IELTS speaking exam.  The things which are often NOT provided or told to test takers. It looks at the things you are allowed to have in the room. Reasons for recording the test, and the begining … Read more

Subject-Verb agreement

Understanding verb-subject agreement What are verbs and subjects? Verbs are action words. For example: eat, sleep, talk, walk, do, buy are all verbs. Subjects are the person or thing who are doing the action of the verb. For example:                I eat. The dog sleeps. George talks a lot. They walk to work. The subject … Read more

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