Writing Task 1 graph/chart

Writing task 1

Literacy rates across several world regions from 1990 to 2015.

Literacy rates

The bar chart shows literacy levels in 10 regions around the world from 1990 to 2015.

Title paraphrasing  for writing task 1.

  1. Look for words which CANNOT be changed (you have to use them).
  2. Look for the words which you CAN change (focus on these)
  3. Always change the 1st verb (in this case ‘shows’)
  4. Look at the ‘keywords’. How can you change them?
  5. Try a variation of word forms. ( world = global,  literacy = literate)
  6. They to change clause order (Date = begining + chart = end)

Overview practice.

  1. Look for the largest/biggest/most prominent thing.
  2. Look for the smallest/least prominent thing.
  3. Look for similar items.
  4. Look for dissimilar items.
  5. Look for trends or patterns.
  6. Only write about 1 or 2 of the items you see.
  7. Do not include any data.

Practice title paraphrasing then try to write the essay.


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