IELTS Reading. Diagram label completion.

For the diagram labelling part of the IELTS reading exam, you will see either a technical drawing, something from the natural world such as a plant of animal etc, or it could be something scientific such as a weather cycle, or satellite function.

Whatever the diagram is…, do not panic.  Many students think “I don’t know anything about this”  You are not being test on your technical or agricultural knowledge or scientific knowledge. You are being test on your ability to read and look for information in a text.

Her are some tips to this exercise.

  1. Read the instructions. (Many students do not do this and often write too many words).
  2. Do not focus too much on the diagram. Focus on the labels and what each part of the diagram is in relation to the text.
  3. As with most reading, look for keywords to aid you. (names, dates, times, scientific or technical words…).
  4. Don’t spend too much time studying the diagram. Just get an overall idea of what is happening.
  5. Try to predict what the answers could be.
  6. Do the questions you find the easiest 1st.  This will allow more time for the more difficult ones.
  7. Practice scanning. This will be a big part of this, and other reading tests.

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  1. Katla     2. magma chambers (resevoirs).    3. dike/horizontal magma sheet.    4. mantle/semi-molten rock.   5.  three/3.     6.  twelve/12.
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