IELTS Listening. Diagram completion.

For this part of the test you will see a diagram with different elements which need to be labelled. The technique for this part of the practice is to focus on:

1. What the diagram is about (but not for too long). This way you can try to predict possible answers and also at the same time try to come up with synonyms for what you see.
2. Take notes as you listen. There is a lot to listen to and you may not be able to remember it all. Use bullet notes to take notes (1 word points).
3. This is usually a longer excerpt so the main focus has to be listening to the audio rather than concentrating on making notes. Your priority must be to listen. If you cannot take notes about something, leave it and keep listening to the audio, as you will only hear it once.
4. Look at the type of word which should fit into the gap (noun, verb, adjective, etc…,) this will also aid you.

5. During the conversation, several people may talk at the same time. This is normal. Try to keep focusing on the speaker who is doing the explaining/commentary. This is the information you will need.

Practice time. – Listen to the conversation about localized weather being discussed by some students.


(Answers. 8. Rotate/spin 9. Lose 10. (Around)the other direction.)


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