For our IELTS training/preparation there are 3 courses.

All 3 of the IELTS courses are structured in combinations. Doing the grammar followed by the main course is the suggested path to follow.

  • IELTS 10 hour course.

    – This course is for those individuals who are at a higher level. (eg: pre-intermediate and above) in all aspects of English.

This course focuses more on the strategies and and nuances of the IELTS test itself. In addition, it also contains multiple practice and preparation tests and tips. There is focus on the language itself. However, this course assumes that the student does not require the extra tuition/practice to increase their language abilities.

  • IELTS 20 hour course.

    – This course is for those students who are of a lowel level (eg: below pre-intermediate) on the English scale.

This IELTS course combines the strategies/techniques of the test along with a solid foundation of the language itself, with regard to the test. This course is longer because the level of grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, paraphrasing, etc.., must be understood, and the student must be able to demonstrate these skills in order to have a more realistic chance of achieving their desired band score.

  • Grammar awareness course.

    – This course is for those students whose grammar is way below the required level for the exam.

There are too many students who are of the belief that their English skills are already good enough. This is because they speak the language. Speaking the language and having a solid foundation of grammar are 2 different issues entirely. This course will not only focus on the grammar skills need for the exam. It will additionally focus on the skills needed for more effective communication all round.  Successful students will be entering an environment where accurate communication is vital. If you are in the medical profession you will have the lives of people in your hands.

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