Word formation

Word Formation. This topic crosses both vocabulary and grammar, but we are going to cover it in the grammar section. Word formation is a critical topic to study for IELTS. One of the main features of the exam is the use of paraphrasing and synonyms. In IELTS the same work in a different form is … Read more

Subject-Verb agreement

Understanding verb-subject agreement What are verbs and subjects? Verbs are action words. For example: eat, sleep, talk, walk, do, buy are all verbs. Subjects are the person or thing who are doing the action of the verb. For example:                I eat. The dog sleeps. George talks a lot. They walk to work. The subject … Read more

Referencing nouns and pronouns

Pronouns help with overall coherence and cohesion. Having a cohesive and coherent essay is very important for your overall Band score In both writing tasks in IELTS , especially writing task 2. You should always make your writing as easy as possible for the reader to follow and it should be easy to understand. In … Read more

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